Welcome to my website! I received my Ph.D. from the Department of Philosophy at the University of Pittsburgh. I mainly (but not exclusively) work within analytic philosophy. I particularly care about accounts of experience and its rational role.

Questions I like are:

  • how do our beliefs and our experience affect each other?
  • what is the primary rational role of experience?
  • if observation id theory-laden and if perception were massively cognitively penetrated, would this undermine the rational role of experience?
  • which philosophical accounts of experience can best accommodate theoretical developments in the cognitive neurosciences?
  • how are we to think about observation-driven theory change?
  • how are we to think about moral perception and moral progress?
  • what is implicit bias?
  • how can we best account for situated knowledge?
  • what role does experience play in justification?

As I think about these and related issues, I like to transcend (sub)disciplinary lines and branch out so as to include Ancient, Continental, and also non-Western (especially Indian) philosophy. I have a background in Indian Studies (esp. Sanskrit and Hindi). In my future research and teaching, I plan on drawing on it more to showcase philosophy as a global enterprise.

Before coming to Pittsburgh, I studied in Germany, held positions as research assistant, instructor, as member of the managing board of the Center for Philosophy of Science in Münster that I co-founded, and of the Center for Logic, Philosophy of Science and History of Science at the University of Rostock, at which I served as main coordinator.

The title of my dissertation is “Experience and Belief: An Inquiry into the Doxastic Variability of Experience” (Abstract). My main advisor was Anil Gupta, my other committee members John McDowell, Robert Brandom, and Edouard Machery. To find out about my research, presentations, publications, or academic services, simply follow the links or download my C.V.

I also invite you to look at the teaching section of this website and, if you like, the section on what I love and like outside academia (e.g. languages). You can access these different sections either by following the links or by using the navigation tool, which opens if you click on the black square in the top right corner of the page.

Questions? Contact me. I am looking forward to hearing from you!