My main philosophical interest lies in the intersection of philosophy of mind, epistemology, and philosophy of science. In my dissertation, I discuss how to best characterize experience, particularly in light of the possibility that experience may be variously affected by background beliefs (for more on my dissertation, see here, you can download my CV here). In the various research projects I am working on, I explore the implications the account of experience I recommend has in various areas of research – in philosophy and beyond. As a part of that endeavor, I am also interested in what role perception may play for moral progress. Finally, I have a background in Indian Studies as well and am thus also interested in Indian Philosophy. (For a list of professional affiliations, see here.)

Besides philosophy, I care most about my amazing wife Sabrina, who is a speech and language therapist, and our twin daughters (6 years old): Tara, an avid swimmer, and Luna, who is very serious about becoming a famous ballerina. I also love languages and enjoy picking up new ones whenever I get the chance (see here for more on this topic). Furthermore, I am interested in classical music, Jazz, Indian classical music, Āyurveda (traditional Indian medicine) – I even earned a certificate as an Āyurvedic massage therapist. I like squash (both the game and the vegetable), backpacking, hiking, canoeing with the kids, biking, and getting to know new people. Finally, I am a passionate chef with a strong penchant for vegetarian cuisine from all continents (seriously, I love to cook. If you do, too, send me your best recipe, I send you one of mine: contact me).

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