Below are two Logic syllabi, one of my 2017 Intro to Logic summer class that I taught at the University of Pittsburgh, one of my 2021 Symbolic Logic class that I taught at Ashoka University (online).

For the Pittsburgh course, you can find the short quizzes and the midterm I used here.

University of Pittsburgh: Syllabus PHIL 0500

Ashoka University: Syllabus PHI-1060

Here is some material that I used for teaching the latter:

The video below is a heavily edited version of a scene from Shaktimaan, a Hindi television show which is basically an Indian version of Superman. I use it as part of my slides to signal what we have so far arrived at and what is yet to come. 

The video below is one I generated to introduce the last sessions of my logic class. I use the music from the Star Trek TOS and a voice-over that relates to my logic class and mimicks the original voice-over in its diction.

This last video shows the slides (without me talking) that I use to I explain scope ambiguities in quantified expressions.

Bring me back to the teaching section, please.