Courses Taught

I have taught, co-taught, and assisted in more than 55 seminars in various areas of philosophy, including (but not limited to):

  • Philosophy of Science
  • Philosophy of Mind
  • Epistemology
  • Metaphysics
  • Philosophy of Love
  • Logic
  • History of Analytic Philosophy
  • Indian Philosophy
  • Ethics
  • Modern Philosophy and
  • Political Philosophy (details below).

I am dedicated to teaching (see my teaching statement here), to helping students grow by providing helpful feedback, and to mentoring students from all kinds of backgrounds.

In my time as president of the philosophy graduate students at the University of Pittsburgh, I established an incoming graduate student peer mentoring program. I was also in charge of Pitt’s undergraduate philosophy mentoring program and an invited participant at the “Mentoring the Mentors” Workshop at the 2016 Central APA in Kansas City. At Ashoka University, implementing Mentoring and Advising Policies was one of the first steps I took as Associate Dean of Academic Affairs.


  • 2021 & 2022, Summer: Ashoka University Foundation Course: Principles of Science
  • 2021, Spring: Independent Study Module: “Buddhism and Murdoch: A Comparative Study” 
  • 2021, Spring & 2021 Summer: Independent Study Module: “Metalogic, Modal Logic and Other Logical Systems”
  • 2020, Monsoon [=Fall]: Independent Study Module: “Simone Weil and Bhakti”
  • 2020, 2021, & 2022, Summer: Philosophy of Love         
  • 2020, Summer: Love and Friendship (for the Young India Fellowship Programme)
  • 2020, Spring: Topics in Philosophy of Perception (upper level)       
  • 2020, Spring: Independent Study Module: “Modal Logic and Many-Valued Logical Systems” (for 10 students)
  • 2019, Monsoon: Independent Study Module: “Grounding Time Asymmetry” (with Tarun Menon, TISS Mumbai)
  • 2019, Summer: Patterns of Meaning: Exploring the Borderlands of Philosophy, Science, & Religion (for the Young India Fellowship Programme)
  • 2019 & 2021, Spring: Epistemology
  • 2019, Spring: Metaphysics
  • 2019, Spring: Independent Study Module: “Philosophy of Mathematics” (3 students)
  • 2018, 2019, 2020, & 2021, Monsoon): Symbolic Logic
  • 2018, Monsoon: Philosophy of Science
as Primary Instructor
  • 2023, Spring: Philosophy of Mind
  • 2022, Fall: Formal Theories of Truth (with Prof. Anil Gupta)
  • 2017, Summer: Logic 0500
as Teaching Assistant 
  • 2017, Spring: Problems of Philosophy (for Prof. Dr. James Shaw)
  • 2016, Spring: Intro to Ethics (for Dr. Patrick Reider)
  • 2015, Fall: Intro to Political Philosophy (for Prof. Dr. Japa Pallikkathayil)
  • 2014, Spring: Logic 0500 (for Prof. Dr. Thomas Ricketts)
  • 2012, Spring: Intro to Philosophical Problems (for Brett Caloia)
  • 2011, Fall: Concepts of Human Nature (for Jamsheed Siyar)


as Primary Instructor
  • 2020, Summer: Perception, Prediction, and Cognition
  • 2019, Winter: Science and Existence
  • 2017, Winter: Central Concepts of Philosophy of Science (online, fully self-designed)
  • 2017, Summer: Mind & Brain – Intro to the Philosophy of Cognitive Neuroscience (online, fully self-designed)
  • 2016/17, Winter: What is Causation? (online, fully self-designed)
  • 2015/16, Winter: What is Causation? (online, fully self-designed)
  • 2015, Summer: The Theory-Ladenness of Observation in Light of Recent Developments in the Cognitive Sciences (compact course, with Michael Pohl, Philosophy)
  • 2015, Summer: Central Concepts of Philosophy of Science (compact course)
  • 2014, Summer: Central Concepts of Philosophy of Science (compact course)
  • 2013, Summer: No Seeing Without Knowing? The Theory-Ladenness of Observation (compact course)
  • 2007/08, Winter: Interdisciplinary Seminar: What is Science? (compact course)


as Primary Instructor
  • 2009, Summer: The Theory-Ladenness of (Scientific) Observation (compact course, with Dr. Jan Peters, Cognitive Sciences)
  • 2009, Summer: Intro to Modern Philosophy (core course for B.A. students)
  • 2009, Summer: Philosophy and Medicine (Summer School, with Dr. Ludger Jansen & Prof. Dr. Ingvar Johansson)
  • 2008/09, Winter: Wilfrid Sellars: Empiricism and the Philosophy of Mind
  • 2008, Summer: Logical Empiricism: Selected Writings (Protocol Sentence Debate)


as Primary Instructor
  • 2008/09, Winter: Salvation via non-dualist Knowledge: Shankara‘s Advaita-Vedānta (compact course, with Prof. Dr. Annette Wilke, Religious Studies)
  • 2008, Summer: Is there such a thing as a Just War? (compact course, with Sebastian Laukötter, Philosophy)
  • 2008, Summer: Indian Philosophy: The Philosophy of the Bhagavadgītā
  • 2007/08, Winter: Logical Empiricism: Selected Writings
  • 2007, Summer: John McDowell: Mind and World
  • 2006/07, Winter: Paul Feyerabend: Against Method
  • 2006/07, Winter: Intro to Epistemological Relativism (with Ansgar Seide, Philosophy)
  • 2006, Summer: Philosophical Problems of the Natural Sciences (with Dr. Christian Suhm, Philosophy)
as Teaching Assistant
  • 2005, Winter: Intro to Logic (for Prof. Dr. Rosemarie Rheinwald)
  • 2004, Winter: Intro to Logic (for Prof. Dr. Rosemarie Rheinwald)

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