Student Praise

This page may mean more to me than it does to you. Still, I invite you to look at the good things students had to say about my teaching on their evaluations. I was especially happy to read that students acknowledged and appreciated the way I implemented online elements and that they were inspired by my passion for both philosophy and teaching.

All comments are from courses I taught or assisted in at the University of Pittsburgh. Comments from evaluations of classes taught in Germany are available on request.

You can also look at students’ letters of recommendation students wrote for me from three different courses here. Since these letters contain the students’ names and contact information, you need a password to access them. If you are looking at an application from me, you find this password on the first page of my Teaching Portfolio.

as Primary Instructor

2017 Intro to Logic

“Raja really seemed like he cared about the class. He was very approachable and attentive to students concerns.”

“I wish there were more opportunities to make up missed homework, but this is still one of the best courses I’ve taken at this university.”

“Raja does an amazing job with assigning homework rather fairly, and always makes sure that the homework problems are more difficult than the test questions, so you’re homework serves as a much more advanced practice. While I did not complete 100% of the homework, I can say that he’s available to help anytime you need it.”

as Teaching Assistant

2016 Intro to Philosophical Problems

“Very good at explaining concepts and providing examples. Makes material from lecture easy to follow and provides great advice for writing. Prepares students very well for papers and exams and goes above and beyond with helpful worksheets. Grades in a way that is fair and insightful. Would highly recommend because of his knowledge of philosophy, enthusiasm, accessibility, and organized way of teaching.”

“Very knowledgeable and approachable! A great help in office hours as well. His devotion to philosophy and the success of his students was more than evident.”

“He is one of the best teachers I have had in any discipline at Pitt.”

“Prepared very well, always made himself available. Feedback on essays was amazing. Went way beyond what I expected.”

“Most of what I learned from this course I learned through recitation. […] Recitation was the only time I felt like broad concepts were explained to me in a way I could study and understand with time. The “mind maps” were really helpful in understanding what we were even talking about because most of the time I didn’t see how things related from lecture alone.”

“Very helpful and concerned about students. Fair grader. Amazing instructor overall.”

2016 Intro to Ethics

“His passion for philosophy is very evident, which is something I always appreciate. I also liked that although he was passionate, he did not force philosophy down our throats. He was very helpful and provided a lot of extra material and any aid outside of recitation that was necessary, but did not grade so harshly that I felt he expected us to be philosophical experts. I enjoyed all of the options to better our grades, and the updates on our progress. Overall, a great recitation instructor and would recommend to other students.”

“Raja did a great job of being transparent and supplying us with information. He molded the material in recitation so that it followed and compl[e]mented the material covered in lecture, and he would even often supply us with his own notes from our recitations so that we could focus on being engaged during class instead of taking notes. Also, he made himself available whenever we had questions and made it obvious that he was invested in our understanding of the material. To be frank, I would have learned very little in this course if not for Raja.”

“The recitations were very interactive and conversational which helped me learn the topics well.”

“He knows his stuff. He came extremely prepared to class and gave excellent examples to clarify what we were learning. He gave excellent feedback on the writing assignment. He would engage the class. He would occasionally give hand outs. He used the black board effectively. He was available in his office hours. The discussion board was a good attempt. I liked how he held the alternative recitation online rather than cancelling it altogether. I honestly didn’t have time to partake more on the board but it was a good resource. Raja did a great job!”

“Very solid overall. Well polished, solid execution. He also learned names at an exceptional rate, which was impressive.”

“You have treated everybody with the utmost respect, explained everything to the best of your ability (which is very good), and truly compl[e]mented the lectures with your presentations.”

“You can tell he was truly interested in being a good teacher. He really wanted to help students understand the material. He goes out of the way to achieve these goals by providing office hour sign up sheets, promoting discussion, and creating [online] discussion board threads.”

“I think his teaching style and deli[v]ery were extremely effective and communicated the material well. He also seemed extremely comfortable teaching, knowledgeable about his subject, and was just all around one of the better recitation teachers I’ve had at Pitt.”

“I liked his accent and the way he waves chalk around while dropping philosophical knowledge. Raja is the best!”

2015 Intro to Political Philosophy

“Always made himself available for help and questions. Always prepared recitation in the best way to aid in students getting the best grades in the class/on current project. Made it easy to contribute, and made it enjoyable. Recitation was twice as enjoyable as lecture. Great job, would easily recommend. Best part of this course, Raja, thank you.”

“Professor Rosenhagen was always prepared for any questions or responses any student might have, and always encouraged discussion.”

“The time he used for students just to ask questions about anything related to what we have learned throughout the course was especially helpful.”

“Really amazing at explaining the material covered in the lectures. He really tries to get people to participate.”

“… very receptive of the mid-term survey which was completed by students. A few concerns were voiced regarding the characteristics and conventions of the grading and recitations and he was able to adapt very effectively in response to feedback.”

“Very helpful and never says you’re wrong. He explains how it could work and tries to understand your thinking.”

“He has made me feel extremely comfortable in answering questions as well as asking questions in recitation. I also believe that the grading for recitation is fair. Getting help from him outside of the recitation was very beneficial.”

 2014 Intro to Logic

“He made himself very available to students who wanted to see him during his office hours and went out of his way to present the material as clearly as he could, no matter how long it took. I am sad that I had a class to go to at the end of the hour I would usually spend at his office [during office] hours, because I would have stayed another hour just to learn more of anything he could teach me.”

“Raja is a very smart individual and he has the ability to share his intellect with a classroom, in a way not most can do. He was able to maintain a learning environment that was fun and entertaining while elaborating on the course material. He was also readily available if you needed help outside the classroom. Overall Raja is a wonderful TA and I have no doubt he would make a wonderful professor. It would be a shame if he didn’t continue teaching.”

“Going to see Mr. Rosenhagen during office hours was a great service to me as a student, and to any others who went to see him. He also showed concern in the progress of his students, and made himself available to those who were struggling. He should teach the lecture section of the 0500 if the Philosophy department ever runs out of lecturers. As a TA, he was the best I ever had, and was an incredibly fantastic teacher.”

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